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Ian Bugeja, VP, Product Management, GFI SoftwareIan Bugeja, VP, Product Management
Striking a balance between network security and employee productivity is a top priority for business leaders at the moment. When it comes to security, it is not just about analyzing the malicious threats that are infiltrating the network, but also analyzing the potential risks posed by employees who unknowingly may expose the organization. As today’s sophisticated hackers have the potential to attack even well-fortified firewalls, protecting an organization’s valuable assets and business information has become a great challenge. Besides, the excessive use of mobile, BYOD and internet-enabled devices by employees have added additional pressure to protect confidential data.

In order to tackle the growing threats presented by both insiders as well as external hackers, businesses today are in search of proactive, cutting-edge security solutions that can prevent cyber-attacks and protect sensitive business information.

One company making giant strides in securing the customers’ network and at the same time ensuring employee productivity through its Unified Threat Management solutions is Austin-based GFI Software.

The company’s Unified Threat Management solution, also known as the next-generation firewall, delivers five key security values.

It is a firewall and router to provide secure Internet connectivity. This firewall comes with a fail-over option so if something happens to your gateway, a duplicate firewall springs up to keep you working and safe.

Second, it has integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS) to find works, trojans and other threats.

Our ultimate objective is to provide an affordable cybersecurity solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy without complex configuration

This is complemented by its gateway anti-virus functionality.

Third, it enables you to create a secure VPM to link branch and main offices. And fourth, it lets you create inbound and outbound traffic policies to restrict accessibility to risky or threatening sites.

“Our ultimate objective is to provide an affordable cyber security solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy, without complex configuration,” says Ian Bugeja, VP of Product Management at GFI Software. For instance, the company offers GFI Unlimited, a subscription program that gives access to all the software that customers need to power their business, in one place. Bugeja explains, “Instead of purchasing several software, customers can subscribe to our catalog with the GFI Unlimited program and choose solutions that best suit their business needs.”

The effectiveness of GFI Software’s solutions can be well-illustrated through a client success story. One of GFI’s clients was a yacht service provider who wanted to assure functional internet connectivity for its passengers on board. Yacht passengers always look for Internet connectivity as they’ll be on and off-shore for days. Out at sea, passengers commonly don’t have any choice other than depending on satellites, which is an expensive option. Reduced bandwidth and network traffic are two widely faced issues in this regard. To address such problems, GFI Software offered a plug-in software solution that helped the yacht service provider to satisfy the passenger needs on board with easy access to the internet and excellent connectivity.

As part of their future initiatives, GFI Software plans to expand its portfolio of solutions for their customers. “We are committed to providing new products and innovative capabilities mainly via acquisitions or by organically creating solutions for clients,” concludes Bugeja.
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Ian Bugeja, VP, Product Management

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