NetAbstraction: Lowering the Cyber Profile for Modern Enterprises

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Barbara Hunt, Founder and CEO, NetAbstractionBarbara Hunt, Founder and CEO
In the pre-digital transformation era, enterprises rarely allowed internet-born threats to infiltrate their networks. Through a tightly safeguarded hub-and-spoke model, they were able to construct a secure and private network that sustained their operations and protected their data for decades. However, today’s businesses are increasingly reliant on the public Internet, cloud, and SaaS-based applications to perform critical functions, exposing themselves to cybersecurity threats. While switching to SD-WAN solutions has made the enterprise’s use of their WAN more efficient, it has failed to solve fundamental performance, privacy, and security issues. By doing business over the Internet, enterprises are compromising their network privacy, divulging an IP address, or a geographical location— communication pathways that can be attributed back to them. NetAbstraction, a network privacy solution provider, alleviates this concern by “proactively lowering an organization’s cyber profile,” allowing organizations to utilize all the resources on the Internet without leaving a digital footprint.

NetAbstraction diminishes a client’s online presence by building a Proactive Privacy Network (PPN) SDN based scalable layer 2 network—atop the infrastructure of commercial cloud providers, before automating the dynamic shifting of the network so that it is never a static target. Through the implementation of SDN virtualization across multiple providers, NetAbstraction obscures and varies network pathways and thereby inserts an additional layer of privacy. “Our mantra is if they (cybercriminals or SEO companies) can’t find you, they can’t attack you. We make it infinitely harder for the adversary to conduct a successful reconnaissance phase in the attack,” says Barbara Hunt, Founder and CEO of NetAbstraction. By leveraging its Network Privacy-as-a-Service, NetAbstraction’s clients are able to disguise and protect WAN communications between the enterprise, the branch, the Internet, and the cloud.

NetAbstraction’s solution suite also includes Identity-Protected Internet Access (IPIA) services and NetEnclave™—a solution that aids enterprises to securely migrate data to the cloud. Through the IPIA service, NetAbstraction’s clients can perform tasks such as discrete online research, open-source intelligence collection, and leverage multiple cloud providers for ingress and egress. As part of its IPIA services, NetAbstraction also offers NetAbstractionTS (Travel Secure), a Wi-Fi device that delivers secure, identityprotected internet access for traveling users. “We are able to provide private, secure, internet access from anywhere in the world without the installation of software,” stresses Barbara.
Andrew Hunt, Product Manager
NetAbstraction’s solutions can be availed either as a proactive defense capability to improve cyber hygiene and protection of communications across the WAN or simply as a means to accomplish specific business goals.

We make it infinitesimally harder for the adversary to conduct a successful reconnaissance phase in the attack

Though NetAbstraction banks upon its standardized best-of-breed interfaces to deliver network privacy solutions, the company acknowledges the uniqueness of each customer environment and retrofits its solutions accordingly. Besides software and hardware-based implementations, NetAbstraction can deploy an open VPN certificate, a customized VLAN solution, or even collate a client’s data center by bringing in additional pieces of hardware. Regardless of the requirement, NetAbstraction’s interface-agnostic solutions can heed the call.

Besides being interface-agnostic, NetAbstraction’s solutions are cloud-agnostic, an attribute the company considers its ultimate market differentiator. Since NetAbstraction’s founders have a background of building communication networks to protect the U.S. government from cyber adversaries, the web security specialists possess the deep-rooted domain expertise needed to acquire commercial cloud infrastructure. “Our leadership’s extensive background in the U.S. Intelligence Community is a huge plus,” says Barbara, before citing NetAbstraction’s “privacy-focused” solutions, patented technologies, and carrier-class performant networks as its other market differentiators. “Our patented ability to control the network routing increases network privacy and security, enhances performance, and creates isolated channels of communications,” she adds.

“In the coming years, NetAbstraction plans to enhance its solutions by implementing subtle variations on both the software (SaaS) and hardware side,” says Andrew Hunt, Product Manager, NetAbstraction. He highlights that NetAbstraction has plans to invest in existing partnerships and forge new alliances with global vendors to enhance not just sales and distribution, but also the technology/product development.
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Barbara Hunt, Founder and CEO and Andrew Hunt, Product Manager

Provides a Network Privacy-as-a-Service that disguises and protects WAN communications between the enterprise, the branch, the Internet and the cloud. One of the top web security companies, NetAbstraction diminishes the cyber profile of an enterprise through a host of solutions such as a Proactive Privacy Network (PPN), Identity-Protected Internet Access (IPIA) services, and NetEnclave—a solution that aids enterprises to securely migrate data to the cloud. Besides software and hardware-based implementations, NetAbstraction is able to deploy open VPN certificates, customized VLAN solutions, or even collate a client’s data center by bringing in additional pieces of hardware