VIRTIS: Protecting Web Applications with Intelligent Shields

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Michelle Wilner, CEO/Co-founder, VIRTISMichelle Wilner, CEO/Co-founder
All the clamor and hustle-bustle of mankind came to a standstill when WHO declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic. As the first wave of adversities struck, healthcare organizations resorted to sophisticated technologies to fight this never-seen-before situation. As the pandemic induced the work-from-home regime, it has triggered a sudden rise in cyberattacks, cloud-native threats, access from unmanaged devices, and an increase in the use of cloud services. Subsequently, business leaders, C-suites, IT firms, and healthcare organizations around the world reported a five-fold increase in cyberthreats. With innumerable cyberattackers vying to take advantage of the uncertainty around COVID-19, traditional web application firewalls (WAFs) are failing to identify real-time vulnerabilities and potential threats. This called for more robust and dynamic methods to defend the cybersecurity fortresses guarding the digital infrastructures of enterprises.

So, how can we bolster the cybersecurity around our web infrastructures during these testing times? VIRTIS suggests– SHIELDS UP! Cover Your ASSets! Unlike traditional WAFs and DevOps, VIRTIS eliminates exposure in Web App and API security instantly by providing a 24/7, fully managed shielding protection service that provides immediate protection against vulnerabilities. With its singular focus on information security to deliver unparalleled solutions and services, VIRTIS solves the complex web application challenges across all verticals and promises to keep the entire digital network perimeter safe from hackers and data breaches.

Since its inception in New Zealand (known for being early adopters of leading-edge technology) in 2008, VIRTIS has always incorporated the world’s most advanced technology into its solutions to achieve an edge in the market. “VIRTIS fully understands that attacks against internet-exposed web apps are the top cause of data breaches and is laser-focused on the business challenge to extend the life of applications and deploy new applications without adding additional risk to the business,” says Michelle Wilner, co-founder and CEO of VIRTIS. As a full-service, woman-owned cybersecurity firm, VIRTIS is reshaping the dynamics of web application and API protection (WAAP) landscape.

VIRTIS picks up where WAFs fall short in overcoming the hurdles of business logic flaws. With solutions that are faster and more affordable than DevOps, the company specializes in protecting the legacy apps of its clients. Bolstered by its partnership with RedShield, VIRTIS offers round-the-clock web application and API security platform, enabling quick development of new applications and extending the life of legacy applications through its unique, stateful, serverless proxy shielding technology. VIRTIS’s full-service platform begins with a comprehensive analysis of assets and determines the security posture of clients. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, the company develops a mitigation plan to resolve the issues without making the slightest changes to the base codes using a combination of serverless proxy technology and best-in-class managed WAF. VIRTIS then deploys unique shields to neutralize all vulnerabilities, while also enabling clients to continuously monitor the managed as well as newly deployed applications.

The VIRTIS-RedShield powered shielding technology helps to manage the application lifecycle by de-risking the application development process and brings DevOps and SecOps closer together ensuring safe delivery of applications quickly, securely, and in a cost-effective and pragmatic way.

VIRTIS fully understands that attacks against internet-exposed web apps are the top cause of data breaches and is laser-focused on the business challenge to extend the life of applications and deploy new applications without adding additional risk to the business

The unique serverless proxy shielding technology also enables quick development of new applications and extends the life of legacy apps. According to Michelle, shielding of cyber assets eradicates the complexities brought in by BYOD and CYOD, which often make it difficult for customers to deploy secure web-based applications.

Unlike the commonly offered application security services where the current remediation time is 4 to 6 months on average, VIRTIS starts protecting from the second it is deployed. The effective shielding technology envelops the customers’ entire digital network space and safeguards their assets from hackers and data breaches. Also, the impenetrable shielding network automatically prioritizes risks depending on the severity it can bring to the system value. Hence, VIRTIS’s advanced shielding technology provides a risk conceptualized insight into the performance of all the third parties.

A Winning Differentiator

The uniqueness of VIRTIS stems from its distinctive shield technology that focuses on the vulnerability and not the application. Without changing a single line of the source code, VIRTIS’s unique interception proxy transforms the application code on the fly and removes the ability for vulnerabilities from being exploited. “This enables us to provide remediation of application vulnerabilities without breaking the application, or its dependencies, making us the safer, faster, and more cost-effective choice over traditional methods that leave data assets exposed,” remarks Michelle. VIRTIS thereby diminishes the need for tools, resources, developers, and also eliminates the need to rewrite codes to fix vulnerabilities.

To understand it better, Michelle shares a case study of Sentara Healthcare, an eminent healthcare network provider, who were revamping their systems and developing new code for their portals and APIs. Although the healthcare firm had tried static and dynamic scanning, pen-testing, vulnerability scanning from multiple tools, and bug bounties, it was still at a high risk of being attacked by threat actors. Extending a helping hand, VIRTIS wrapped the firm’s applications (both legacy and new) and APIs rapidly and securely migrated them to the cloud. Dan Bowden, the Vice President and CISO at Sentara Healthcare states, “Now, I will not release anything without shielding it!”

Scripting similar success stories, VIRTIS is reaching greater heights in the cybersecurity space, all the while maintaining strict integrity when it comes to its uncompromising services. With several prestigious accolades to its name, the company has proved its capabilities in several industries, including government, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, water & power, IT, and e-Commerce. The powerful shielding capabilities of its web security solutions are cementing VIRTIS’ position as a go-to solution provider for clients to protect their web applications. “Just as important, with the ever-increasing compliance requirements, it is critical for businesses to have confidence that they can continue to be agile while eliminating risk,” states Joel Schluter, CISO of VIRTIS. Driven by a skilled and motivated workforce, VIRTIS is setting new standards in battling cybercrime.
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Michelle Wilner, CEO/Co-founder and Joel Schluter, CISO/Co-founder

VIRTIS is a full-service, woman-owned cybersecurity firm that is reshaping the dynamics of the cybersecurity landscape worldwide through its unique solutions and services. The company aims to protect the organizations' sensitive records and, more importantly, people's private information from a data breach. VIRTIS is transforming web application and API protection and is the only company to offer 24/7/365 fully managed WAAP service that modernizes vulnerability management by solving the toughest web application challenges faced by the organizations